webpage updated on March 15, 2012

Sincerely thanks Foxconn Group orders this chassis in June of 2011

The era of ATX constructed Dual-core and Quad-Core CPU platform has been the mainstream nowadays, the fast and stable server system is also presented by this model of design, the major feature of this brand new design is the depth of this chassis has 550mm only, it supports the most cost effective and stable quality, combines with four 40 x 28mm high speed intake fans for CPU cooling, comes with totally 3 drive bay with the chassis configuration, fits all standard ATX 12""x9.6" and eATX 12" x 10.5" CEB 1.01 motherboard form factor and standard 1U power supply, meets regular server system application, welcome worldwide distribution.


* drive bay:
   1 x 5.25" & 2 x 3.5" bay (or 0 x 5.25" & 3 x 3.5" HDD or 0 x 5.25" & 6 x 2.5" HDD)
* drive bay equipped with anti-vibration function
* two USB 2.0 ports at front bezel
* with four Sunon PMD1204PQB1-A 40mmx28mm intake fans in the middle fan wall
* with easy swap fan and anti vibration function

* all in one fan wire PCB to keep fast system maintenance
* MB: eATX CEB1.01(12"×10.5")‧ATX(12"x9.6")‧MicroATX(9.6"x9.6")‧Mini-ITX(6.7"x6.7")
support standard 1U 250W~550W power supply (max. psu depth: 250mm)
* support 1 slot full high expansion card (max. 240mm long)
* standard paint: black

* Genesys Group branded server chassis model (with build-in fans) global 3 years warranty
* chassis dimension: 19" x 1U x 550mm (21.65" deep)
* package: NW 6 KG, GW 8 KG, 2.2 CUFT (68.5x57x16cm, single box packed)




1U black ATX ultra cool server chassis

Option 1



1U 250W~550W single power supply with PFC (max. psu depth 250mm)

Option 2



600mm 2-layer 3-travel universal slide rail , full travel extension up to 1100mm deep (part# is 1 pair)

Option 2-1



1234U rear mounting kit (part# is 1 pair)

Option 3


1U riser card

Various 1U riser card

Option 4


1U CPU cooler

Various 1U active CPU cooler

Option 5



1U I/O shield

Option 6



Additional/extra two Sunon 40mm x 28mm fans can be installed in the middle (part# is 1 pcs)


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