Technical and RMA service support
Webpage updated on July 06, 2022


Any questions be directed to our professional team through this form or either calling to 886-3-3287066 or mailing to, we will feedback within 24 hours, thank you very much. While returning, the paper works must be indicated exactly the same data from the invoice we issued, for example, (a) the product model# (b) the model name (c) the unit price. Note: do not indicate different model number and model name and unit price.


Warranty: Globally 3 years since the date we shipped (chassis and chassis fans and Zippy/Enhance/SureStar power supply).
Shipping cost if DOA: Genesys covers two-way shipping cost.

Shipping cost if RMA: Customer covers while returning, and we cover the shipping cost when repaired.
RMA repair fee: All free of charge within warranty period, and some expense required or may not be required if warranty expired.