webpage updated on December 02, 2008
December 02, 2008

Via our Group's conference today, we decided to make tooling for hotswap 1234U chassis
For hotswap
1234U rackmount chassis today, tooling for 0.3 million USD wish to cost down for our partners.

November 28, 2008

Thanks to our EU partner to order 2U C238B 1,000 units again
Thanks for ordering 1,000 units of 2U MicroATX C238B we designed, new stock ready again in
this month.

October 28, 2008

Thanks to our EU partner to order all existed stock of new 2U C238B and 3U C338B
Thanks for ordering all existed stock of new 2U C238B and 3U C338B, new stock 1,000 will be
ok in 2 weeks.

September 24, 2008

November 15th ~ 17nd it is our company members' tour to overseas
During this period, please kindly call the window you usually contact by mobile phone

September 24, 2008

Thanks to Western EU ordered 500 units of one 5.25" into four 2.5" hotswap mobile racks
Thanks to our partner in West EU ordered 500 units of one 5.25" into four 2.5" SAS/SATAII module this month.

September 08, 2008

Thanks to East Asia, North-East Asia, EU & North America ordered 2,500 units of C238B & C338B
Thanks for our partners and customers ordered 2,500 units of 2U C238B and 3U C338B developed by our Taiwan HQ in this month, using them in various Data Center as cost effective server system...etc.

August 20, 2008

Thanks to National Park Russia's vendor ordered 1,900 units of the newest C400B 4U DVR...
Thanks to our partner in Russia to order 1,900 units of our newest C400B 4U DVR rackmount server chassis constructed in National Park in Russia. We will keep devoting ourselves to enhance and enrich the quality and cost efficiency strength to archive the market profit with customers and partners all over the world together.

August 19, 2008

Thanks support to Genesys Group team and vendors and partners from local and overseas
Thanks all to support GenesysGroup all staff and her own Group's powerful fund and capital, and thanks to great support from vendors and partners locally and overseas, keeps Genesysgroup brand serve various client members as well as usual, and attained the target of the orders for 2,000 server chassis in this month. We expect to humbly and correctly proceed the forever company management policy and the spirit to take care of the deals and people, Genesysgroup will keep doing the full energy effort to work with you and create the market and business with you together.

August 04, 2008

Greetings to the newest 3U C330 acquired the order from Korean Telecom's vendor for 300 units
The era of Mini-ITX constructed Dual-core and Quad-Core CPU platform has been the mainstream nowadays, the fast and stable server system is also presented by this model of design that is extremely suitable for cost saving system in data center.

August 04, 2008 and
The new GenesysGroup and the old GenesysRack have been officially separated during the stockholder meeting in July, by passing all management rights from the original founder to the new president with all shares for free, also in order to clarify the relationship between clients and vendors, we announced both companies have no any relationship from now on, vendors and customers can select the way to go with by their own, finally, we wish both parties do their best effort and send bless each other.